We provide Road and Multimodal transport services to and from all parts of Italy , many times weekly.

Direct departures from our main hubs in Milan, Verona, Padova, Modena, Sassuolo, Bologna and Prato to Dublin. Weekly export services from Ireland to Italy are also provided with distribution throughout Italy, including Sicily and Sardinia.

We also operate a range of full load services by both road trailer(3-4 Days Transit) and Multimodal (Rail & Sea – 6 /7 days transit) from all parts of Italy to Ireland, North & South. We have worked for many years with our Partners in Italy and they are all well known and long established companies in their different regions.


Our Partner in Milan (post Code 20 to29) is ; Intel Italy Srl ; with whom we have worked with since 2003. They specialise in freight between Italy and Ireland, UK and Spain and have a very good reputation in Italy as being the Specialist for the Irish market.

Veneto Region

We consolidate all the cargo from the Veneto Region (Post Code 30 to 39) in Verona with our Partner ITC Srl , who are a long established family owned business like Allmed. ITC have an extensive distribution Network in the whole Veneto Region and together with other Group companies are in a position to offer us a comprehensive collection and delivery service to and from all areas in this very industrialised region of Italy.

Emilia Romagna

For the Emilia Romagna area (post Code 40 to 48) we work with Italsempione Spa in  Modena. Italsempione are one of the largest family owned and long established forwarders in Italy with offices spread throughout Italy. Their Modena office is located in the centre of the very industrious Emilia Romagna region and their daily coverage of the region for collections and deliveries enables us to offer very quick transit times for any traffic generated from this Region.


Tuscany (Post Code 50 to 59 and 60 to 67 and 06) is looked after for us by our Partner in Prato ; Italsempione Spa. Another Member of the Italsempione Group, the office in Prato is again very strategically located to look after the whole Tuscany and Central Italian region for collections and deliveries. The Prato Depot is a long established and well known one and is very well respected in the whole Region, for its professional and personalised services

Ceramic Tiles

For our specialised service for Ceramic Tiles , we operate with Terratrans Italia Srl in Sassuolo, the heart of the Italian Tile industry. Terratrans specialise only in collection of tiles and are known by almost, if not all Tile Manufacturers in the Sassuolo region for their excellent and efficient collection services. We load both trailers and Intermodal containers each week from Terratrans Italia Srl.