The Italian government has on Saturday night adopted additional measures to stop the further spreading of the coronavirus epidemic but we would like to clarify here with this communication a few points in order to avoid confusion and mis-communications:

• The limitations apply to Lombardy and some areas of Piemonte, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Marche and only for the movement of people
• Movement of people inside these areas and inside and outside shall be limited, except for working and urgent sanitary reasons.
• No limitations to freight transport: goods are allowed to travel.
• A large number of leisure activities involving meeting of persons or groups are banned

At Allmed we are working as normal in every office in Italy and Europe in order to satisfy as usual the request of our customers following also the indication of the Italian government to utilize where  possible “smart working” for our staff. As the situation is very fast moving, we will try to keep you as updated as we possibly can over the course of the next hours and days ahead.

Also at Allmed we are more and more using the intermodal service where possible to transport the goods of our customer because in this way there are no drivers leaving Italy to the final destination but only to the closest rail terminal in Italy and the delivery to the customer in Ireland or elsewhere in Europe are arranged always by a local driver at destination..

For any questions or requests please feel free to contact us at or  

Best Regards

Alan Hoyne/ Managing Director