Dear customers,

During the last few weeks we have seen on the market many foreign drivers no longer willing to enter / exit Italy, pushing many importers / exporters to convert their shipments from ROAD movements to MULTIMODAL.

We have therefore seen an extreme peak in MULTIMODAL service activities / requests.

Thousands of MULTIMODAL units were loaded from many transport companies and dropped full at Rail Terminal during last weeks.

At the same time – trains to / from Italy have suffered less service frequency due to slots cancellations linked to COVID-19 spreading.

As a consequence many MULTIMODAL Italian Rail Terminals are now totally congested – at a point where some Terminals are starting to have no longer space on the ground to off-load from the trucks the full units.

This morning Piacenza Rail Terminal informed the market that they can no longer accept units until the  end of March.

This decision was taken to allow the Terminal to evacuate as many cntrs as possible – also in consideration that many Italian importers are no longer accepting cargo – hence their cntrs. are either sitting in the Italian Terminal / due to arrive in Italy – occupying space on the Terminals ground.

Whilst other Rail Terminals are still accepting units, we fear they’ll also soon stop accepting units. This will reduce dramatically the possibility to load cargo and move it via MULTIMODAL.

Please bear in mind that those Terminal that are still open – will be congested even further (if possible) – as all Transport Companies will need to drop the full cntrs. where possible.

It’s impossible to predict what will happen in the next days. There are many factors to be taken into consideration and most are totally out of our control.

We’ll keep you posted with further information.

Thank you

Kind Regards

Alan Hoyne/Managing Director