In order to minimise the effects of a hard Brexit on our services, with a knock- on effect to your business, here below are some steps to mitigate any delays that may occur post March 29th next.

  • We have our registered Economic Operators Registration and identification number (EORI). This allows us to interact with customs authorities in any EU Member State.
    (If you have not already applied for your EORI number, we strongly advise you to do so immediately, as it will be required for all transactions: See link below)
  • We are close to achieving our A E O (Authorised Economic Operator) license, which should (in theory) allow us to the top of any queue in any Continental or UK Port.
  • We can arrange Customs Clearance on your behalf for any shipments that may need it post Brexit.
  • It has been our Company Policy to utilise both the Land bridge (UK Transit) and Direct Ferry from Cherbourg to Dublin options for many years, we do not rely completely therefore on transiting through the UK.
  • We are now also utilising Intermodal services from Europe, which uses a combination of rail and sea, bypassing the UK entirely. Our Spanish & Portuguese services use this mode of transport exclusively.
  • If you are dealing in Perishable Foods, Fruit & Veg, etc you will, post Brexit, require a licence from the Department of Agriculture to import these products from UK, as they will be treated as 3rd Country imports.

We have identified some useful links below, which provides some additional information on Brexit.

If you have any specific questions on Brexit please do not hesitate to call us, or email