As you are all probably now aware, Brexit brinkmanship is still alive and well and our next “Cliff edge” is Friday April 12th. 2019! A small reprieve but only for 2 weeks!

A lot will happen this week in Westminster, so maybe (maybe not!), we will be a lot wiser at the end of this week as to what type of Brexit, if any, will apply.

In the meantime, we are as Brexit prepared as one can be, under the circumstances, and we have the following in place.

  • Spanish & Portuguese services are 100 % Intermodal and are guaranteed to be Brexit proof, as we bypass the UK completely.
  • Our Italian Intermodal services have been up and running now for some time and more and more customers are moving their freight to these services, as again, they are Brexit proof also.
  • We still operate our Trailer services from Italy and France, but where possible, we do try to take the Direct Ferry from Cherbourg to Dublin.
  • Our A E O application is almost complete and we hope to have it in place very shortly.
  • We have our EORI nr. in place and can help, in the future, with any Customs Declarations, entries, etc that you may require us to handle on your behalf.
  • Our European Partners in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Benelux and Germany, have all put various measures in place to help mitigate any Brexit related delays that may occur, after Brexit.

We are in constant contact with our own association; IIFA; and other Industry bodies to keep abreast of what happens in the whole Brexit area. As soon as we have any further updates, we will keep you advised.

Thank you for your understanding and commitment to Allmed.

Click Here to download our Brexit Buster guide.