Allmed would like to update you that our Operations in Ireland are currently fully operational.


We are following all recommendations and directives issued by the relevant government departments and agencies. We are also

adopting shared best practise across the company and industry as Europe battles with this unprecedented crisis.


Our business contingency plans are in place to ensure that we take care of our people in the best possible way and that our

operations can continue functioning so that disruption to supply chain is minimised.



As you are aware it is the most effected area in Europe. All of our Partners there are still operating but at reduced capacity and

whilst transport operations for collections are still working, they are subject to delays. It is a very fluid situation and is changing

by the hour. We do expect to continue to operate as best we can until we are told otherwise and will continue to provide you

with services to the best of our ability at all times.



Has also now got big numbers of Covid19 cases. Again, our operations are continuing as much as is normally possible under the

circumstances. For the moment, sailings are back to normal from Bilbao , on Friday’s and from Castellon on Wednesday’s. As

the Crisis continues to take hold in Spain, collections maybe effected or delayed. We are monitoring the situation, again on an

hourly, daily situation. We will continue to operate in Spain as best we can for as long as we are allowed to and we will endeavour

to provide you with the continuation of services that you require.



The situation in France is deteriorating quite badly from a transport point of view. We have been informed by our French Partners

that they will be operating with a much reduced service capacity and all non essential personnel have been told to either work from

home or to remain at home for the foreseeable future. Allmed will continue to operate our weekly services from Paris but collections

maybe delayed due to a large decline in availability of collection vehicles in France due to Covid19.


Our dedicated Team will continue to perform at a high level and we very much appreciate their commitment during this challenging

time. The situation is developing constantly and we will work closely with all the relevant authorities to ensure our response is

relevant to you at all times.


We will continue to keep you updated as this situation evolves. We trust we can rely on your understanding on the difficulties we are

experiencing in supplying our normal services to you under these unprecedented times for us all. We hope, that once this is all over,

that we will all come out stronger and more united than ever before.                  



Kind Regards,

Alan Hoyne,

Managing Director.