First of all we would like to thank you for all the support and affection we have received during these days.  Luckily at the moment all our personnel is in good health and we have put in place all measures to control the spread of the virus.

As per our previous communications, all sales people are working from home and the rest of the staff has started working in two 6-hour shifts in order to limit contacts and preserve business continuity in case of infection.

Obviously this could create some delays in replying to your messages and in the execution of normal operational activities.


I remind you that the general lockdown imposed on all social and commercial activities by Italian Government does not affect production companies nor the circulation of goods. However each company can decide to stop or heavily reduce their activities (several big groups like FCA have already closed some plants and many others have announced the closure starting from today), therefore there could be problems and delays in pickups and deliveries.

For the moment we are encountering an increment of demands for shipments, and today are confirmed all the scheduled departures and extra truck in addition. Some difficulty in finding trucks and extra costs in case the carrier requests the round trip price; in the latter case you will be informed by the operational departments and it will be decided by mutual agreement what to do.


We are doing our utmost to keep up with this emergency situation and we ask for your cooperation and understanding in this difficult period during which our usual top-level service cannot be guaranteed.


Please share the present message with your colleagues.


We will keep you updated on the situation which is in constant evolution.